Millius Techniks

Millius Techniks intervenes as quickly as possible (On the same day, every day) in order to limit water damage as much as possible.

Having extensive cutting edge professional equipment, we can be very reactive and manage several sites simultaneously following a weather event or a technical problem.

We can bring you our support throughout the canton of Valais.

In order to guarantee your building is in impeccable condition, we have several drying processes available:

·     Dehumidifiers

·     Under-screed driers

·     Professional pumps

As well as

·     Infrared heating panels
·     Water vacuums
·     Hot air blowers

Asbestos diagnoses

Widely used in buildings until the end of the 80s, asbestos is a material that is still often found in buildings. During refurbishment or demolition works, this material can be released into the air and is a hazard both for the occupants of the premises and the workers on the site.

As a result, Millius Techniks is available for all your asbestos related requests and has the equipment to take asbestos test measurements.

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